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You act like criticism is a bad thing, sometimes people like to hear what others think about their work, and if you’re an artist you should understand that everyone sees things differently. Especially if you’re paying someone, you expect what you paid for to be the quality you were expecting. Some people do nit-pick, but that’s ok because it just shows you where you need to be practicing and improving. And as an artist myself I say there’s nothing better than harsh criticism because it lets me know the lowest point on the scope of where people judge my work. Edited for spelling.

Criticism isn’t a bad thing.

—>but you should only give criticism when wanted.<— 

You can’t just give someone a taco and expect them to eat it when they don’t want a taco. Give them a taco only when they want it.

Third Mission: Bubbly in the Deep Sea Kingdom! (darkness-of-a-mother-elf, origin-of-the-variables)



Ah, so that was the reason.  Because the city was built on a living creature, his original guess was that removing the ship would cause damage to the city’s host.  But that was a more troubling issue; the ship was obviously ruined, so how could it still have a negative effect on those that touched it?

He pushed such queries out of his mind in favor of the visual delights of the underwater city.  Honestly, he had no idea who this was that had invited them down there, but he was gracious for the invitation.

So Ryviel was right, they HAD in fact tried to remove the ship, but no one could even get close to it. A part of Desdi wondered if, since they weren’t Wonderlanders, she and her children could attempt something, but quickly brushed the thought aside when she recalled that the Jabberwocky was able to flood her mind with fear. They were outsiders but they were affected by the same things as the natives.

Stepping onto the ground—and almost slipping on the sand in the process—Desdi motioned for her children, who had already let go of her as they neared the city, to follow her. “I do have to wonder who invited you, Xander,” she mused. “And if it really is okay that my little troupe is with you.”

")Oh don’t worry Lady Destrodi!(" Gable giggled, seeming even more lively here in the city. ")My friend loves company, and especially big groups. I can never manage, though, to get more than a few guests to come along at a time. I’m sure he’ll be delighted to meet you!("

Aliblu gazed at their surroundings with wide eyed curiosity. Vendors in the streets offered items like clothing looking to be made of giants scales and seaweed, necklaces of pearls or tiny gemstones, and some even all but pushed food into their hands. Aliblu did reel back at what looked like a very pudgy sea anemone on a stick, but gave in and bit off an arm, expression changing as she found the flavor enjoyable.

")My home loves to have outsiders, so we always have plenty to offer in comforts.(" Gable herself now had several food stuffs in her arms, eagerly munching away on her own. She did turn and offer Ryviel and Eridia some pearl-like candies though. ")You won’t believe how tasty Coral Mints are.("

infectious-virus started following you




Aliblu led him deeper still into the woods, the trees starting to grow in curves, swirls, and twisting loops seemingly too fanciful to be real. As they finally broke the somewhat monotony of trees surrounding them, a clearing came into view, surrounded by a long river winding around it.

A path of sorts was made by a fallen tree,which Aliblu easily hoisted herself up and across. She paused and offered her hand to the virus, whom she assumed was Zero.

Ios blinked, taking ahold of the others hand, and climbed up onto the fallen tree. “….This is a very nice place.” He commented with a smile.

She chuckled in reply. “This place sits in a sort of giant natural crossroads of sorts. The rain is plentiful, the sun is always generous, and birds who migrate overhead always bring some far off plant life to add to the surroundings.”

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I don’t need ‘perfect’.

Whatever I have with you

is more than enough.

Third Mission: Bubbly in the Deep Sea Kingdom! (darkness-of-a-mother-elf, origin-of-the-variables)



Xander frowned as he took in the sight of the comparatively ugly ship in the middle of the beautiful underwater city.  He had only heard of bits and pieces of the story of the Red Queen, but this was the first time he had actually seen something that could be directly tied to her, and judging from her grim resemblance as the figurehead of the ship, she was every bit as horrific as the stories made her out to be.  ”Red” Queen indeed.

"Has anybody tried to remove that?"

Desdi gave a surprised sound at having her hair mussed like that, and was unaware of what had happened to her hair until Eridia mentioned it. “Mama, your hair’s so pretty!”

However, she didn’t get time to dote on her new hairdo, because Gable had pointed out an enormous ship smack in the middle of the city. Aliblu’s reaction was enough to worry her, before Xander asked if someone had tried to remove it.

"I think they might have tried to," Ryviel pointed out, "and can’t. Otherwise it’d probably be out, wouldn’t it?"

")We have. Many a times. But somehow, it saps the will of any who touch it. Even the strongest of Crystal Whales have tried to pull it from its perch, and have lost all their energy and nearly stopped swimming.("

The platform finally came to a halt upon the sandy ground, and Gable ushered them out to see the city.

Third Mission: Bubbly in the Deep Sea Kingdom! (darkness-of-a-mother-elf, origin-of-the-variables)



Now that was something that he wasn’t expecting.  He had no idea that came off.  Well, in hindsight he probably should have expected something along those lines, she was a Water Elf…

As they descended further, he felt the humidity weigh down on him more.  This was going to take some getting used to…

Now curious about their surroundings, Eridia and Ryviel returned to their childlike curiosity as they looked about at city lights. The humidity in the air surprised Desdi—and had the unintentional side effect of frizzing out her hair. “O-oh dear. I should have permed my hair.”

"Miss Gable, is this where you were born?" Ryviel asked, glancing over at the elf for a moment.

Gable giggled, raising her claws and immediately mussing Desdi’s hair, which soon had pearls, tiny shells, and tiny wisps of green and blue seaweed strung through it. “)Yes indeed! I swam these waters when I was just a guppy. I decided to move and join the Council because-(” She paused and pointed to something in the city with a saddened look. “)Because of that.(“

A giant ship, even larger than a cruiseliner seemed to be embedded in the center of the city. At the front of the ship, the figure attached was no mermaid but instead-

"Red Queen." Aliblu’s whisper was soft as she stared at Ruby’s silhouette, carved to be holding a dagger out in a vicious slash.

Third Mission: Bubbly in the Deep Sea Kingdom! (darkness-of-a-mother-elf, origin-of-the-variables)



Xander was now standing on his own, watching with child-like wonder as they passed by all the scenery.  The aromas drifting through the air was tantalizing, and everything was starting to get him excited.  How could Hatter and Rafiki turn their nose up to this?!

The descending platform felt vaguely like a large elevator, and as the air grew warmer, Desdi noted that Eridia wasn’t shaking as much, and Ryviel was also starting to look around at the surroundings with less fear and more awe.

"Mama, it kinda smells like the Realm," Eridia noted, as the fruity and floral scents reminded her a bit of Aliblu’s home.

"Well the Realm is made from pure Wonderland energy. I bet Hatter included a bit of the Sea kingdom’s atmosphere to keep me happy." Aliblu smiled, her own shaking gone with the air renewing her strength.

")All life came from water. It revitalizes living beings.(" Gable stretched, her fins spreading wide as she unhooked the blue tubing from her neck. The air grew humid now, and slits on her skin opened as she giggled. ")Ahhhhh, the breath from home.("

Third Mission: Bubbly in the Deep Sea Kingdom! (darkness-of-a-mother-elf, origin-of-the-variables)



While Xander felt he didn’t need the extra support at the moment, he still accepted Gable’s assistance.  It would be a little humiliating if he didn’t and was flipped on back due to his miscalculation.  ”This place is incredible, but a bit chilly.  I’m assuming we’ll be heading to somewhere a touch warmer?”

Desdi gladly accepted Gable’s assistance as well, if only because her children were clinging to her as if their lives depended on it. “I agree with Xander, it’s quite cold here, especially for those of us in these dresses,” she admitted as she stepped onto the platform, Eridia and Ryviel still hanging onto her. Eridia was shaking like a leaf, and Ryviel was glancing around uneasily.

The Water Elf easily hefted all four of them to the platform, which began to lower after the path to the turtle disconnected, letting it swim away as she giggled. “)Of course! Down here, heat can’t exist unless it’s purposely generated. The surface up here is cold because the currents of the water drain off the heat of the city. But I promise it’ll be much more comfortable once we’ve arrived.(“

As the platform descended, the air did indeed start to warm, as well as fill with aromas; fruity and salt-like, with several floral notes, as though a tropical party was going on in the city. With the lights and decorations all over, it wouldn’t have been too far off the mark.